• (1) Not so fast!

      Graham Dukes contemplates Life in the Slow Lane It was not very long ago that I realised how much the slice of the world with which I am in contact was speeding up; it was positively running away from me, but also attempting all the time to drag me along with it.  Not, you...


  • Sharks beware

    Sharks beware

    On 2nd December 2014, almost two years ago, my wife Rohan had a horrible cycling ... (2)

  • On the breadline

    On the breadline

    Autumn came a little early this year and one morning, well before sunrise, I was the ... (3)

  • Thinking inside the box

    Thinking inside the box

    Forget the shenanigans that go on amongst gardeners at ground level [Divided we ... (3)

  • Divided we stand

    Divided we stand

    While the invaders in our Brittany garden were welcomed by my wife they had me in a ... (1)

  • You must be serious!

    You must be serious!

    It will be the same advice once again; the ninth time in less than a fortnight. ... (4)

  • The power of observation

    The power of observation

    Before setting off for our ‘holiday-of-a-lifetime’ I had my forebodings. ... (5)

  • Home fears, from abroad

    Home fears, from abroad

    Over the years I have become more and more at home in France. What goes on in England ... (3)

  • The Great Pears Soap Disaster

    The Great Pears Soap Disaster

    It is one of those small comforts the morning bath routine. The merest sniff has the ... (310)