• (1) Hare today, hare tomorrow

    One of the two things I learned at school and can still remember (the other was that Samuel Johnson had a cat called Hodge whom he fed on oysters and described as “a very fine cat indeed”) was that young hares in their first year are called leverets. With this fountain of General Knowledge to draw upon, it...


  • Another world

    Another world

    I had been forewarned about the opening scene a few weeks earlier when I bought our ... (0)

  • The clockmaker

    The clockmaker

    Henry Wedson was a clockmaker, and a picksome craftsman of the best sort, gifted with ... (1)

  • Lasting impressionist

    Lasting impressionist

    I was in a world of my own, puzzling over my recent run of form at chess – when ... (0)

  • The preserve of the tongue-tied

    The preserve of the tongue-tied

    Mrs Miller moved like a tortoise. All her movements were slow, nothing sudden, ... (5)

  • Dumb and unlovable

    Dumb and unlovable

    I loathe plastic. I detest plastic. I even…  No, before I become downright ... (0)

  • Sam for all seasons

    Sam for all seasons

    Just after Christmas, my wife and I went for a week to our cottage in Brittany. Our ... (1)

  • The talented Mr Ripley

    The talented Mr Ripley

    Eating arrangements, like much else in my childhood, were very controlled not to say ... (5)

  • The Great Pears Soap Disaster

    The Great Pears Soap Disaster

    It is one of those small comforts the morning bath routine. The merest sniff has the ... (316)