• (1) Don’t ask

      I walk the streets most days. It’s not because I’m currently homeless (that may come). No, it’s just that I daren’t take the car to go shopping or deliver my son to school in case there’s no parking space left in my road by the time I get back. Out on the streets, I’m...


  • The Man From the Ministry

    The Man From the Ministry

    Graham Dukes falls back on a long-dead poet to get him out of a tight spot… Let ... (2)

  • The Eureka trail

    The Eureka trail

      Eureka? Wasn’t that Archimedes’ cry of triumph, two-and-a-half millennia ago, ... (3)

  • Daydreaming


    Do you daydream? I suspect you do, just now and again. Many of the people whom I know ... (3)

  • Hare today, hare tomorrow

    Hare today, hare tomorrow

    One of the two things I learned at school and can still remember (the other was ... (1)

  • Another world

    Another world

    I had been forewarned about the opening scene a few weeks earlier when I bought our ... (0)

  • The clockmaker

    The clockmaker

    Henry Wedson was a clockmaker, and a picksome craftsman of the best sort, gifted with ... (1)

  • Lasting impressionist

    Lasting impressionist

    I was in a world of my own, puzzling over my recent run of form at chess – when ... (0)

  • The Great Pears Soap Disaster

    The Great Pears Soap Disaster

    It is one of those small comforts the morning bath routine. The merest sniff has the ... (318)