• (0) The Great Penderbell Burglary

    For all of his seventy-seven years, my Great Uncle James Penderbell suffered from cold feet.  Every winter, and almost every night, his toes became an icy Arctic blue, and they burned, itched and stung.  His brothers might scoff that James was stiff at both ends and could only expect to have one bright idea every...


  • It’s not you, it’s me

    It’s not you, it’s me

      This is by way of being an apology. Etiquette dictates that those intending to ... (1)

  • An idea with legs

    An idea with legs

    Those who read Greyhares will know that, when out in public, I am an inveterate ... (3)

  • Ganga’s Motor Bus

    Ganga’s Motor Bus

    Twice in my life I have felt very close to my grandfather.  The first occasion was on ... (0)

  • Was that a white rabbit?

    Was that a white rabbit?

    It’s confession time. Earlier this year I wrote that I was a compulsive ... (0)

  • Not so fast!

    Not so fast!

    Graham Dukes contemplates Life in the Slow Lane It was not very long ago that I ... (1)

  • Sharks beware

    Sharks beware

    On 2nd December 2014, almost two years ago, my wife Rohan had a horrible cycling ... (3)

  • On the breadline

    On the breadline

    Autumn came a little early this year and one morning, well before sunrise, I was the ... (3)

  • Thinking inside the box

    Thinking inside the box

    Forget the shenanigans that go on amongst gardeners at ground level [Divided we ... (3)